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Braves Win Number 70

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70-53 (1st place, 7.5 games ahead of Florida -- Magic Number: 33!) It's been a while since I posted my usual "Hits and Misses" updates. With the server problems at MVN over the last two weeks it has been difficult to post. Updates should be more regular now that everything is up on a new server! Some critical happenings: 1. The Braves peaked at #3 and are currently ranked #4 at ESPN's Power Alley, with the fifth-best record in baseball at 70-53 (pace: 92 wins). Did anyone else think the Braves were going to win 92 games at the beginning of this year, or was that just me? 2. Chipper Jones hit his 300th career home run for his 999th RBI on August 16, and picking up his 1000th RBI the following night. Through August 22, he is batting 347/407/708 in August with 8 home runs and 20 RBI -- one more hit will raise his average above .249 for the season! If he stays this hot through the end of September, he still has an outside shot at keeping his string of 100+ RBI seasons intact. 3. JD Drew hit his 28th home run of the season to set a new career high Saturday afternoon, August 21. After a brief west-coast slump, he pulled his average back above .300 the following night. Much more has happened in the last few weeks, but much more will also happen in the next six weeks as the season winds down and the Braves come closer to their 13th consecutive division title! Also, if the Braves maintain their second-half pace, they should finish with 94 wins -- which would give Bobby Cox 2000 for his managerial career!

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