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Learn How to Win a Lottery

Written by Matt Mutt on .


Winning! This is a word that keeps flashing in the mind of each and every lottery player. A few, if anyone will play the lottery with the opposing word –loosing, imprinted in their minds. Still, every player knows that chances of winning a lottery are limited. However, it is the strategies that one employs that determine whether you will win the lottery or not. When you read online casino 888 - full review, you tremendously increase your chances of not only of winning the lottery but also enjoying the whole experience. Below are some basic tricks that you can use to help you win the lottery:

Have a basic strategy of playing

More often than not, lottery winners have said that they strictly followed a certain strategy however basic. Lottery takes a long time to be drawn and this means that you will need to play over an extended period of time. The best approach is to identify the lucky numbers that you would wish to be playing every time.

Learn to be consistent

Just like it is with any game or business, consistency is the root to success for most people. Rather than playing once every month, why not play every week without fail. You will definitely feel bad whenever you find that a person won during the week or the day when you didn’t play. The other way to increase your chances is to buy more tickets when the jackpot is especially large.

Play numbers larger than 31

According to studies done on people who play lotteries, it is highly likely for one to pick a day of a birthday or an anniversary. This obviously means the numbers which most players pick is lower than 31. By picking 31, you significantly decrease the chance of sharing your big win with others.

Master when to buy your tickets

Ideally, all tickets are supposed to have an equal chance when it comes to the draws. Even when you mathematically work out the chances, every ticket should stand an equal as any other when it comes to drawing. Studies carried out in the past show that the tickets that tend to win more are those which were bought on Friday evenings. Even though the reason for this is yet to be established, you should look into buying your tickets on Friday evenings just as the veteran lottery players have been doing.

Consider buying your tickets in certain post codes

The lottery is a game of chance, but sometimes you have to learn from the past in order to learn what chance you stand. Studies done in the past have established that Birmingham and Romford in Essex are the areas where most lottery winners come from especially for amounts larger than £5,000. Indeed, the largest number of lottery millionaires in U.K are found in these post codes.


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