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Byrd Flies Again

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Paul Byrd pitched in a Braves uniform for the first time in a regular season game since 2002, making his first rehab start with the Greenville Braves. Details on how Byrd's arm felt or how fast he was throwing are unfortunately unavailable, but he claims to feel good, and a detailed report on the game follows below. Byrd's numbers for the night:       5 IP (23 batters), 6 H (2 2B, 1 HR), 2 BB, 2 HBP, 2 K, 5 ER Byrd was limited to 75 pitches from the outset, which he had accumulated exactly by the end of the fifth inning. Byrd claims he overthrew the ball early, which may explain why he gave up five runs on three hits and two hit batters in the first inning. However, he would allow no more Suns to cross the plate after earning the third out, spreading three hits and two walks over the next four innings to earn the win. Top prospect Andy Marte led the charge with two home runs and and 5 RBI to lead the G-Braves in a thrilling come-from-behind victory. Byrd also helped himself with a single in the fourth inning, but it led to nothing; he was thrown out on a fielder's choice to end the inning. Overall, the night was a success, with Byrd earning the win for Greenville in an 8-5 victory (box score, game log). The last-place Braves improved to 10-24 over the first-place Jacksonville Suns, who fell to 20-14. The good news is that Byrd settled down, won the game, and demonstrated that he could pitch on a professional level again. The bad news is that we have no idea how hard he was throwing or how effective he can be in the long run. We'll find out soon enough: Byrd's second rehab start is scheduled for next Tuesday night, when Greenville takes on the Montgomery Biscuits. He will be on a 90-pitch limit.

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