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If you'll notice on the right side of this page, I have added several Braves links for your browsing pleasure. Below are brief descriptions of each of them, including special reasons for linking them, when applicable. braves center The Braves Center is probably the closest thing to a complete (current) Braves web site there is. Some, like Baseball Reference and AtlantaBraves.com, may have fuller statistical and historical analyses of the organization, but this is an excellent site with loads of current information from throughout the organization. atlantabraves.com cnn-si espn foxsports yahoo! sports These are the general-purpose Atlanta Braves web sites with which most of you are already familiar. Schedule and results, statistics, news, etc. Each one has a little of it all. topix Topix is a news web site, and this takes you straight to their Atlanta Braves section, with about a dozen links to news stories involving the Braves. There is no archive that I can tell; you might be better off with Google News, but at least this already has the links organized for you. braves buzz braves journal no pepper Each of these blogs are hosted by Braves Beat, a general-purpose Braves web site similar to Braves Center. The blogs are basically continuously updated op-eds on the Braves organization, with unique analyses that you won't find in the mainstream press. They are definitely worth my time, and hopefully yours too. baseball america Finally, the Braves section of the Baseball America web site provides the best coverage of the Braves' farm system of any site out there. Complete statistical reports from the Braves' four highest minor league teams, plus articles on prospects and more. The best web site there is for analysis of the Atlanta Braves' future stars. ... There are a few other links that I did not add. The Baseball Reference web site is incredibly useful for a variety of reasons; the name says it all. Rotoworld probably most useful for fantasy sports enthusiasts, and since I'm not one of them, I can't tell you much more about it. Hopefully, these links will provide you with plenty of ammunition for your next argument about whether their streak of division titles is over or not. I'm still leaning in favor of a mid-season turnaround and an exciting finish, with the Braves barely besting the Marlins by season's end. But only time will tell!

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