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Retired numbers

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I was doing some random thinking. The Braves don't currently have many retired numbers for a franchise that has such a long history. Dale Murphy (#3) , Hank Aaron (#44), Eddie Matthews (#41), Warren Spahn (#21), Phil Niekro (#35), and Jackie Robinson (#44) are the only retired numbers. That's only 6 numbers, and Robinson wasn't a Brave of course but his number is retired in all of MLB. All of those are Hall-of-Famers except Murphy. But since 1991, there have been several players that could be added to that list. Bobby Cox's #6. Greg Maddux's #31. Tom Glavine's #47. John Smoltz's #29. Leo Mazzone's #54. Chipper Jones' #10. Andruw Jones' #25. That's 7 players/coaches in 13 years, which is a testament to how impressive this division championship run has been. Only Cox, Maddux, and Glavine are sure hall-of-famers. Smoltz, Jones, and Jones have still got a lot to do in order to get considered, but all are capable (although Smoltz has the most difficult path at his age). If a pitching coach ever gets in, it would be Mazzone, but that may never happen. Any comments or respectful disagreements are appreciated.

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