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13 Isnít Lucky After All: Braves Season Finished

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Astros 12, Braves 3 The real news tonight is not another postseason series loss for the Braves, but for the first time in their history, a postseason series victory for the Houston Astros. Congratulations to Phil Garner, the Killer B's, and the rest of the team! If only the Braves weren't so consistent, maybe you guys would be the "Buffalo Bills of Baseball"! Well, another October, another loss. No reason to get bent out of shape about it because, after all, I'm so familiar with the Braves' inability to win the World Series that I'm just happy their division championship streak is still alive! But as tonight's attendance numbers proved, not all Braves fans agree. Tonight's attendance measured at 54,068. By the time the 9th inning rolled around, it was obvious that fewer than 25,000 seats were occupied. After 13 consecutive division championships with only one set of World Series rings to show for it, Atlanta fans have become quite fickle. I mean, look at us: throw in a four-game winning streak and suddenly we'd prefer rooting for the Falcons. The Falcons! Actually, though, there is one thing I could stand to get emotional about, if I ever even got emotional over something as silly as a bunch of sweaty men on a ballfield: the LCS matchups, particularly that only two MLB divisions are included. For many years I have advocated the idea of pairing off the wildcard team with its division's champion for a "once-and-for-all" division championship series. After all, by virtue of having a wildcard team, a division theoretically asserts its superiority over the rest of the league and should be guaranteed a spot in the LCS, but it should never be possible for two teams in one division to match up in the LCS. It's unfair to the rest of the league. That said, I hate the Yankees, and I love the Red Sox, and I have no concerns either way about the Cardinals or Astros. So from here on out, I suppose you know who I'll be rooting for... Congratulations to the Houston Astros! Be sure to follow Lisa Gray's coverage of the Astros at The Dugout for more on tonight's game and the rest of their season.

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