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MLBĂ­s Best in 2004

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The baseball season is over and, like the beginning of every other October, it's time for me to pick the few who deserve to be recognized for their 2004 performances. I may explain my picks later, but for now, I'll just leave the list. (The first player listed deserves the award, and the second and third players listed are the only players I believe deserve attention for others' picks for the awards.)   Hitter of the Year: NL: Barry Bonds > Adrian Beltre AL: Vlad Guerrero > Manny Ramirez Rookie Hitter of the Year: NL: Jason Bay > Khalil Greene AL: Justin Morneau > Bobby Crosby   Starting Pitcher of the Year: NL: Randy Johnson > Ben Sheets AL: Johan Santana > Curt Schilling Relief Pitcher of the Year: NL: Brad Lidge > Eric Gagne > John Smoltz AL: Francisco Rodriguez > Joe Nathan > Tom Gordon Rookie Pitcher of the Year: NL: Akinori Otsuka > Ryan Madson > Chad Cordero AL: Shingo Takatsu > Bobby Madritsch > Justin Duchscherer   Manager of the Year NL: Bobby Cox > Jim Tracy > Tony LaRussa AL: Ron Gardenhire > Mike Scioscia > Terry Francona

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