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2004 DIPP Leaders

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The following lists leaders among starting pitchers and relief pitchers for 2004. I will be posting 2005 leaders roughly at the end of each month during the 2005 season. Winning games is a team effort, and a lot of pitchers are lucky during any given season or even throughout their careers to play for offensively and defensively solid teams. But DIPP completely removes a team's offense and defense from consideration of a pitcher's worth and puts all focus between the pitcher and the batter.     DIPP = K / (K + HR + HB + BB - IBB)     DIPP2 = K / (K + HR*4 + HB + BB - IBB) DIPP is the Defense-Independent Pitching Percentage, a rate statistic I derived last August to measure a pitcher's ability to get outs independent of the quality of defense behind him. DIPP does not measure a pitcher's success, but rather his potential for it. It puts a high premium on power pitchers who get lots of strikeouts, it ignores finesse pitchers' ability to induce ground balls and pop-ups, and it focuses on the ability of a pitcher to prevent the batter from hitting the ball hard. There are two ideas behind this statistic: (1) a hitter only earns his way on base by earning a base on balls or hitting a home run; all other hits involve defensive positioning; (2) a pitcher only earns an out by striking the batter out; all other outs involve the defense. Therefore, any plate appearance in which the batter puts the ball in play does not affect a pitcher's DIPP, and intentional walks are also discounted since they are entirely situational. The essential philosophy behind DIPP is this: If hitters aren't given free passes to first base and batted balls stay in the park, the rest is essentially a combination of defense and luck. DIPP (and DIPP2) simply remove the defense and luck factors from the equation. Also, it is unwise to use DIPP to compare pitchers of drastically different eras, or even styles of pitching. As these numbers will show, relief pitchers generally have a much better DIPP than starting pitchers; this is because relief pitchers focus less on longevity and finesse because they only pitch for an inning or two. But you also must consider the difference between different eras if you decide to apply DIPP to career numbers. (Specifically, don't use DIPP to compare modern pitchers to deadball-era pitchers!)
NameTeamIP    DIPP    HR    HB    IBB    BBK
1.  B. SheetsMil237.0.815254132    264
2.  R. JohnsonAri245.7.8031810144290
3.  C. SchillingBos226.7.763235035203
4.  J. SantanaMin228.0.753249054265
5.  J. LieberNYY176.7.729202218102
6.  B. RadkeMin219.7.726236126143
7.  J. SchmidtSF225.0.725183377251
8.  R. OswaltHou237.0.7081711562206
9.  J. PeavySD166.3.7031311453173
10.  D. WellsSD195.7.697232120101
11.  R. ClemensHou214.3.696156579218
12.  C. CarpenterStL182.0.691248238152
13.  C. PavanoFla222.3.68816111349139
14.  P. MartinezBos217.0.6882616061227
15.  O. PerezPit196.0.685229281239
16.  M. MussinaNYY164.7.677222140132
17.  J. BeckettFla156.7.676166354152
18.  G. MadduxChC212.7.674359433151
19.  B. PennyLA/Fla143.0.673123645111
20.  F. GarciaCWS/Sea    210.0.672227364184
21.  J. WrightAtl186.3.668113570159
22.  K. EscobarAna208.3.652217276191
23.  K. MillwoodPhi141.0.651147551125
24.  O. PerezLA196.3.650263444128
25.  M. BuehrleCWS245.3.647338251165
NameTeamIP    DIPP    HR    HB    IBB    BBK
1.  M. GonzalezPit43.3.859210655
2.  B. WagnerPhi48.3.831521659
3.  J. SmoltzAtl81.7.8178021385
4.  T. HoffmanSD54.7.815501853
5.  B. LidgeHou94.7.80186530157
6.  T. GordonNYY89.7.8005152396
7.  R. BetancourtCle66.7.8007061876
8.  B. RyanBal87.0.79741935122
9.  E. GagneLA82.3.79755322114
10.  J. NathanMin72.3.7813232389
11.  F. RodriguezAna84.0.77821133123
12.  A. OtsukaSD77.3.7706062687
13.  K. FoulkeBos83.0.7678651579
14.  L. HawkinsChC82.0.76710251469
15.  K. CaleroStL45.3.7585111047
16.  D. MiceliHou77.7.755102122783
17.  J. WalkerDet64.7.7468131253
18.  B. LooperNYM83.3.7415331660
19.  O. DotelOak/Hou85.3.739134733122
20.  J. RinconMin82.0.73652132106
21.  J. Isringhausen    StL75.3.7325242371
22.  A. BenitezFla69.7.7296042162
23.  B. DonnellyAna42.0.7275101556
24.  M. RiveraNYY78.7.7253532066
25.  L. AyalaMon90.3.7246521563
To qualify in the DIPP ratings as a starter, a pitcher must have started at least 15% (rounding up, 24 out of 162) of their team's games or pitched an average of one inning per team game. To qualify in the DIPP ratings as a reliever, a pitcher must have appeared in at least 25% (rounding up, 40 out of 162) of their team's games or pitched the same number of innings (40 out of 162 games). (Hmm. I wonder if a "Pitching-Independent Defense Percentage" [(H-HR)/(TBF-(K+HR+HB+BB))] would hold.)

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