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Beckett Blanks Braves in Opener

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Marlins 9, Braves 0 (box score) The Marlins lineup lit up John Smoltz in his first start since July 2001, tagging him for 7 runs (6 earned) in 1.2 innings of work, blasting his ERA to 32.40 for the season -- that's gonna take some time to bring down! Other lowlights include Josh Beckett and three relievers combining on a 5-hit shutout and both Johnny Estrada and Marcus Giles coming out of the game with potential injuries. The Braves were counting the lucky stars before the game started, as they were the only team in MLB with no players on the disabled list to start the season, but the Braves barely escaped the first inning with that feat intact. Giles jammed his knee on an Andruw Jones fielder's choice with a bad slide into second base for the second out in the top half of the inning, and Estrada took a foul-tipped John Smoltz fastball off his throwing arm in the bottom half of the inning. Both players would leave the game several innings later for precautionary measures. [Jaime and I are not going to recap individual games very often this season. Instead, we will be recapping each series and focusing on the highlights while bringing you a wider variety of Braves-related content -- stats, minor league updates, and other interesting tidbits you might not find elsewhere. Comments?]

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