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My thoughts on the seasonĂ­s first week

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The only Braves regulars who have an OPS above .750 are Chipper Jones (1.181) and Andruw Jones (.926). Johnny Estrada is close with a .747 OPS, but since he's a catcher that's adequate. Marcus Giles has a 1.000 OPS in 6 at-bats. Meanwhile, Rafael Furcal has an OPS of .459, but I'm not too worried about him as he's sure to improve. I can't say the same for Brian Jordan, who sports an OPS of .501. And the one who tops it all is Raul Mondesi, whose .133/.161/.200 line adds up to .361 which is incredible. The good news is that it's only 9 games into the season and it's April 13, and despite these numbers the Braves have a winning record (thanks to the stellar starting pitching)...which means that if the Braves get much improvement in the rest of their team (lineup, bench, and bullpen) then they could leave the rest of the division in the dust.

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