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Did well tonight. He should have had 2 outs with nobody on to start the inning. Mondesi, having no range at all, couldn't get to a fly ball (he should have caught the leadoff double in the 9th too...good thing Hudson was dealing) which should have been an out. The next batter hit a ground ball that would have been fielded by Furcal had there not been a runner on 2nd. Throw out the intentional walk, and Reitsma could have had a 1-2-3 inning. As it was, he did a great job getting out of the jam. He's really pitching much better than he did last year, so far. Kolb sort of redeemed himself tonight, pitching a somewhat shaky 12th inning for the 4th save. Maybe it will help his confidence and give him something to build upon. Speaking of Mondesi, his defense is even worse than his offense. At least he's showing improvement on offense. If he and Jordan absolutely must be played, I'd put Jordan in right and Mondesi in left. Jordan's shown that he can still play very good defense. Maybe Langerhans will be in the lineup tomorrow with the game-winning home-run. I sound extremely negative...I guess that's a result of the "offense." :p Either Paul or myself will have the series recap for you tomorrow night.

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