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Scheduling Anomaly

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I was just looking at the Richmond Braves' schedule, and I noticed something peculiar: from August 9 to September 5, there is a game scheduled every day for four entire weeks to close out the season. Looking over their schedule more carefully, I see they are scheduled 25 straight days to start the season, followed by a streaks of 22, 20, and 25 game days before the all-star break July 11-13, then two shorter streaks of 19 and 6 game days before their last off-day on August 8 that precedes their four-week marathon. Question: if MLB players make millions of dollars, travel luxuriously, and have a binding agreement that prohibits their teams from scheduling games on more than 13 consecutive days, then why are AAA players who only make thousands and travel by bus being scheduled to play games for 28 consecutive days? My suggestions for MLB scheduling: 1. Schedule more four-game series and no two-game series. 2. I think 20 straight game days at a time would be nice. Three-game series, four-game series, three, four, three, three, off-day! Lather, rinse, repeat. Schedule around the all-star break cleverly and shorten the season by a week or more. Ignore complaints about travel time and just cancel or shorten batting practice before the first game after traveling. Players making that much money shouldn't have that much to complain about. 3. Kill interleague play, because despite the good things it brings to the game, it has teams competing in one division playing against different opponents. NL teams playing the Yankees and Red Sox still have to count those games toward their attempts to lead their division, and it isn't fair when their division rivals don't have the same opponents.

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