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Stats Posts, Monthly Reviews Coming Up!

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Watch for upcoming stats posts and monthly reviews, which I'll post during the first week of each month. The posts will include but won't necessarily be limited to: 1. Atlanta Braves stats, leaders, review, etc. (duh) 2. Braves' minor league stats, records, etc. 3. MLB select stats and leaders Of particular focus for Atlanta's and MLB's leaders will be any statistics that I have created/defined on my own, because where else are they going to get any attention? Most specifically, I am referring to DIPP (Defense-Independent Pitching Percentage), but I also have a combined Save+Hold Percentage that counts how many times a pitcher has successfully converted a Save or a Hold. After all, it's only fair to record the percentage that way since blowing a Hold opportunity earns you a Blown Save. Watch for a series of posts in the next week!

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