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Braves acquire Hollandsworth

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The Braves have made a waiver deal with the Cubs, sending a couple of non-prospective minor leaguers to Chicago for Todd Hollandsworth. Todd Hollandsworth came in to this season with a .279/336/447 line, but this season heís only hit .254/301/388. The Braves hope heíll have worth as a left-handed pinch-hitter and maybe as a 4th outfielder. Kelly Johnson and Ryan Langerhans both have better numbers this year, and theyíre younger and hit left-handed too. However, this will make the bench deeper, and everyone on the likely postseason roster bench will have some tactical value. Assuming the Braves send down Devine or McBride, this will fix the roster at 14 position players and 11 pitchers when September 1 comes around. Playoff roster compositions have to be set by that date. It remains to be seen who the Braves will call up to add to the 40 man roster when it expands in September; likely candidates are Jim Brower, Brayan Pena, Kyle Davies, Andy Marte, Chuck James, and Joey Devine/Macay McBride (whichever one theyíre about to send down). Also, it remains to be seen what injured position players and pitchers will be called up and put on the 60 day DL so that the Braves can call up whatever they need in postseason in case of an injury.

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