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Jeff Francoeur and the Elusive Base on Balls

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Jeff Francoeur has batted 134 times in his brief but incredible major league career so far. He has been on base 51 times, including three times hit by a pitch and 47 hits, 23 of them for extra bases, including 10 home runs. He's batting .362 with a .700 slugging percentage. He has scored 28 runs and has batted in 30 in his first 35 games. And this is just his first taste of major-league pitching. Oh! But he still hasn't earned a walk. An unintentional one, that is. On August 21, the Padres' Akinori Otsuka intentionally walked Francoeur for his first free pass in his 131st career plate appearance. But Jeff has yet to earn one the old-fashioned way: by simply being patient and laying off pitches outside the strike zone. And why should he? With the amount of success he's had hitting the ball, I see no reason yet for him to do anything but keep with his own status quo. But take note of the first walk he earns that isn't of the intentional variety, because like so many other career firsts that have come and gone so quickly for him, this one will be special for the amount of time it has taken.

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