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My Top 10 prospect list

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I've studied the Braves minor league system and compiled a top 10 prospect list. You can see the Braves' system yourself by clicking on Paul's Minor League Stats link to Baseball America on the sidebar. 1. Andy Marte (Age 21, AAA Richmond) You know him. He wasn't given a lot of chances in a cup of coffee earlier this year. He's tearing up Triple A, as expected, and the Braves have to find a place for him to play everyday in 2006. MLB-ready. 2. Chuck James (Age 23, AA Mississippi) He dominated High A ball, then was promoted to AA and proceeded to dominate AA hitters. Extremely impressive peripherals. Probably MLB-ready. 3. Jarrod Saltalamacchia (Age 20, High A Myrtle Beach) As mentioned in an earlier entry, he's on fire. He's hit the ball well at every level, and now at hitter's nightmare Myrtle Beach. His defense at catcher is reportedly rough, though. Probably 1.5-2 seasons away. 4. Anthony Lerew (Age 22, AAA Richmond) Did decent at Double A, was promoted to Triple A and is doing great with good peripherals. MLB-ready. 5. Joey Devine (Age 21, AA Mississippi) The 2005 #1 pick for the Braves. Being groomed as a closer and on the fast track. Shut out High A hitters in 5 innings, was promoted and did the same until recently. Probably will be ready in September. 6. Scott Thorman (Age 23, AAA Richmond) Started off repeating the AA level, put up impressive numbers there and was promoted to Richmond at mid-season. He's struggling a little now. Probably ready next season. 7. Jake Stevens (Age 20, High A Myrtle Beach) Doing average this year in Myrtle Beach, after 2 great seasons in the low minors. Still a good prospect, probably 2 seasons away. 8. Matt Harrison (Age 19, Low A Rome) Having a good year in his first full minor league season. Probably 3 seasons away. 9. James Jurries (Age 26, AAA Richmond) Not really a prospect. Used steroids. Involved in nasty brawl earlier this season. Still could have a chance in the majors, as a corner infielder-DH in the AL. Tearing up AAA. MLB-ready. 10. Matt Esquivel (Age 22, High A Myrtle Beach) A 22 year old tearing up High A, so I'm not sure how impressive that is. But good hitting numbers at Myrtle Beach. Probably 1.5-2 seasons away.

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