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Sizzling offense

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Atlanta Braves Team Batting These are Braves' hitting stats thus far in August; listed below are players with 14 at-bats or more. These stats don't include tonight's game. Jeff Francoeur .457/472/714/1.187 Marcus Giles .394/459/455/914 Rafael Furcal .281/368/375/743 Andruw Jones .296/457/667/1.124 Wilson Betemit .385/407/423/830 Kelly Johnson .280/379/440/819 Adam LaRoche .167/200/250/450 Brian McCann .381/435/619/1.054 Julio Franco .357/357/571/929 Look at those on-base-percentages! The only player in a slump is LaRoche; everyone else is pulverizing the baseball.

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