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Something You Don’t See Every Day

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The Dodgers have a runner on second and a base hit to right field sends the ball to Jeff Francoeur. With the runner in motion toward the plate, the strangest thing happens: the Atlanta crowd is actually cheering! The Braves' faithful are not cheering for the Dodgers to score their first run of the evening -- oh no. They know that any ball hit Francoeur's way is an out waiting to happen should any runner dare to run on him. Another unsuccessful try tonight! That makes 9 outfield assists since July 8. Even in less than half a season, his .379 batting average and .755 slugging percentage are more than enough to earn him serious contention for the Rookie of the Year award. And, at this point, I expect him to win it! And the rest of the league thought Andruw Jones' arm was one not to run on...

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