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Official site The Braves offered Furcal and Farnsworth arbitration to get some more draft picks. Obvious move to make. Also offered arbitration to Jordan and Perez with the guarantee they won't accept, apparently so that if they don't retire and go to another team the Braves might get some draft picks. If they do retire, it's probably a political move to get them to stay with the organization and coach. Julio Franco didn't get offered arbitration (he's in talks with another organization and the Braves might get burned). The Braves look like they'll let LaRoche play there full time T. Hollandsworth wasn't offered arbitration; Jay Powell wasn't either because he's retiring (and I guess not coaching). Totally changing the subject; if you haven't been able to tell, I'm terrified that the Braves are going to make some blatantly bad panic moves like this one. "We're working to get a shortstop on all fronts," Braves general manager John Schuerholz said. "Every place we can look, we're looking." Translation: Screw you, Wilson Betemit, Andy Marte, and another prospect, and about 8 million a year. I don't care if Betemit's as good as anyone we'll trade for; I want a veteran at the expense of prospects and that's final. Maybe we should try to get something we actually need, like a closer?

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