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TRADE REPORT: Marte out, Renteria in

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ESPN reports that Edgar Renteria has been traded from the Boston Red Sox to the Atlanta Braves for Andy Marte. It looks like they were traded straight up, one-for-one, with the Red Sox not covering any of Renteria's remaining contract, although that remains to be seen in the official report a few minutes from now. This article discusses the deal a good bit, including how it developed over time, but doesn't mention any money considerations since it was written before the trade was finalized. I don't like this trade. I mean, I'm thrilled that a quality veteran like Renteria will be joining the Braves, but on a financial and talent level it doesn't make the best sense, unless depth is really what the Braves are going for. Wilson Betemit proved he can be a good shortstop, and I think the production he delivers (or would deliver) would be comparable to Renteria's at a much lower cost. And now that he knows Chipper and Renteria will be playing in front of him on the left side of the infield, perhaps he'll be less likely to want to remain in Atlanta as well. Unless he just wants to continue being a part of that division-winning tradition the Braves have going on... The good news is that Renteria doesn't cost nearly as much as Furcal, and hopefully the Red Sox will pay for part of his contract, allowing a fair offer to be pitched to ... oh, I don't know ... Trevor Hoffman, maybe?

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