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Tuesday: Free Agent Pool Gets Deeper

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MLB's arbitration deadline is Tuesday, which means more free agents! Arbitration-eligible players who are not offered arbitration are non-tendered, which frees them up to take offers from other teams or, in Dan Kolb's case, to take a smaller offer from the same team (the Brewers, since they control his contract right now). Among remaining free agents, the Braves have offered arbitration to OF Brian Jordan and C Eddie Perez, though neither is likely to be re-signed. The Braves are expected to non-tender RHP Jim Brower and OF Todd Hollandsworth, and neither is likely to be in Braves uniform in 2006. Elsewhere, pitchers Ramon Ortiz and Kyle Lohse will likely be non-tendered, but the Braves likely aren't interested. The Dodgers also seem to be prepared to part ways with 1B Hee Sop Choi, who could possibly be an upgrade over Adam LaRoche, but I doubt anything will come of it. It's just something to think about until the week passes...

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