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Chris Reitsma and Jim Browerís ERA

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Outstanding peripherals for Reitsma. Going into tonight, he's only walked 7 all year, and struck out 30. (I'm not sure how many of those 7 walks were intentional, either.) He has given up 45 hits in 44.2 innings, and has a 1.16 WHIP. He has a 3.43 ERA, and this should probably be a lot lower- - except that he's had a few appearances that big innings were put up against him. Looking at the Game Log on ESPN.com, he had a game in Los Angeles where he allowed a grand slam to Milton Bradley, and the 4 earned runs were charged to him. He also had a bad outing against the Padres on that same road trip, giving up 3 runs. Then, he had the 2 consecutive Blown Saves in late June. Other than that, he's been terrific, having scoreless appearances in 36 out of his 44 appearances. He is clearly the best reliever the Braves have, and it's not close (ignoring John Foster, who doesn't throw harder than 90 and is the LOOGY, but putting up outstanding numbers against both lefties and righties). Reitsma throws a low-to-mid nineties sinking fastball, has an outstanding changeup, and a good curveball that he breaks out occasionally. Looking at just this year, I don't think the Braves need to bother trading for a "dominant closer" unless it's Billy Wagner or Brad Lidge, but both of those teams (Phillies, Astros) are in the thick of the playoff hunt against the Braves, and the Braves would have to give up a king's ransom for either even if those teams were non-contenders. I admit I still have bad flashbacks to Game 5 about Reitsma, though. Too bad, it appears. To sum it up, wouldn't it be nice for the game to be over if the Braves lead after 8? Yes, yes it would. Would it be worth either/or/and Andy Marte, Jeff Francoeur, Brian McCann or Kyle Davies? Heck no. ***** By the way, what's this crap I hear from the Braves announcers about Jim Brower's ERA being high in San Francisco because of only 3 bad outings? I noticed this misinformation for awhile, but didn't say anything although it grated on me. Am I the only one who's noticed them saying this? But as I'm talking about misleading ERAs, it doesn't apply to Brower. He gave up multiple runs in 4 outings, and gave up runs in a whopping 15 outings in San Francisco. He had 32 appearances, so he gave up a run in about half of his outings. He gave up 22 ER in 30.1 innings. But to hear the Braves announcers tell it, he's only had 3 bad outings. Well, he's been solid for the Braves so far (other than his last appearance), so I don't know why this irritates me. But just pointing this out.

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