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Hudson, Hampton ready for return

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Both Tim Hudson and Mike Hampton declared themselves ready to return to the rotation after throwing simulated games on Saturday. This will create some logjams. Jorge Sosa, Kyle Davies, and Roman Colon have all done commendable jobs in the rotation. If Chris Reitsma has to go to the DL, that will open up one roster spot. If that were to happen, that roster spot and Roman Colon's roster spot would probably be used to make room for Huddy and Hampton. If Reitsma turns out to be okay, then Bernero might finally be gone to make room. Either way, I think Sosa is going to the pen (maybe to close if Reitsma's DL'ed) and Colon probably is going to Richmond, and Davies probably has a spot in the rotation until John Thomson returns. There is speculation that Hudson will start on Saturday the 16th; Hampton on Sunday the 17th. This would probably leave Ramirez to open up the Mets series on Thursday to get Smoltz an extra day of rest for Friday. It is possible that there could be a Smoltz Vs. Glavine matchup. Chipper is thinking about coming back on Monday the 18th after a rehab assignment at Rome. Thoughts on who might close if Reitsma is hurt: Jorge Sosa has done great in the starting rotation, and he is a flamethrower. Ditto for Roman Colon. With Sosa's success in the bullpen earlier this year and Colon's lack thereof, I would think Sosa is the more likely of those two. (Especially if Colon's at Richmond) Jim Brower has been the 8th inning set-up man and has done well; he might get a try. Ditto for Blaine Boyer as the 7th inning guy, but since he's a rookie in his early 20's with less than 15 career relief appearances in the big leagues he probably won't get picked. Of course, the most probable action is going back to Dan Kolb because he's been okay recently and because he makes like $4 million. Kolb hasn't shown the mental toughness to be able to thrive in that role, I don't think. I see him as a middle reliever. I would also say Kolb doesn't strike anyone out, but this year he actually has a 6.62 K/9 IP rate, which is decent. Who would I choose? I would try Sosa; if his control is too shaky then I'd look at Brower.

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