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Odd platoon splits for Langerhans

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Langerhans is a left-handed batter. Against right-handed pitching, he's hitting: .224/.298/.385 for an .683 OPS. I was shocked to see that. Against lefties: .364/.481/.545 for an 1.027 OPS. And that was going into tonight, when he got a double and a triple off of left-handed pitching. I'm inclined to believe that in the future Langerhans' stats will get better against right-handers, but will go down against lefties. I just thought this was odd, because while watching the game I feared that Brian Jordan would pinch-hit for Langerhans against the left-handed relievers, and when I looked up the stats I was quite surprised. Meanwhile, Jordan has a .752 OPS against left-handers, and a .572 OPS against right-handers, which is basically what I expected. *** In other news, Andruw and Smoltz made the All-Star team, which is no surprise. It's the 7th All-Star appearance for Smoltz and the 4th All-Star appearance for Andruw.

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