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As I predicted over the weekend (though perhaps somewhat foolishly), the Braves have swept the Washington Nationals to leap from a first-place tie to a three-game lead. Washington is still 2½ games ahead of the third-place Mets, who are only a half-game ahead of the Marlins and and Phillies, who are tied for fourth/last place in the NL East. Washington also still holds a half-game lead in the wildcard race over the surging Houston Astros, who play the Mets tonight at 8pm. Quick, let's rehash the Rookie of the Year discussion: Kelly Johnson and Ryan Langerhans need to work on the batting average and Wilson Betemit might need more playing time. But if Jeff Francoeur keeps playing every day while performing at his current level, he could earn that award in only half a season! Maybe all the rookies on the Braves roster should win the award as a group.

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