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An exciting time, looking forward

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The Braves won tonight with these ages in the starting lineup: Rafael Furcal, age 26 Wilson Betemit, age "24" (he's probably younger) Adam LaRoche, age 25 Andruw Jones, age 28 Ryan Langerhans, age 25 Andy Marte, age 21 Brayan Pena, age 24 Horacio Ramirez, age 25 All-star second baseman Marcus Giles (age 27) came in late for defense. On the bench were 23 year old outfielder Kelly Johson and 25 year old utilityman Pete Orr. 28 year old All-Star catcher Johnny Estrada is day-to-day. 21 year old Kyle Davies has a 0.77 ERA, and Bobby Cox said that he's the most polished young pitcher he's ever seen. With Clint Barmes now injured, maybe Davies, Betemit, Langerhans, and Marte could duke it out for Rookie of the Year honors! Despite these amount of young players and the gloom-and-doom attitudes about the team as of late (including yours truly), the Braves are one game out of first and are tied for the Wild Card lead. I think these guys are capable of staying in the race. It should be an interesting summer.

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