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Out of the 6 Braves announcers who appear on TBS and Turner South, who do you rank as your favorites? My personal rankings: 1. Pete Van Wieren-always informative, good voice, isn't too repetitive 2. Skip Caray-good wit, unique voice that I like, does good play-by-play 3. Joe Simpson-decent all-around, I don't think he's great at anything but he's fairly good at everything 4. Chip Caray-I really liked him at first, and I still like his enthusiasm. However, there's something about his announcing that really grates on my nerves, although I can't put my finger on it. Some people feel that he's really pompous, although I haven't been able to tell. 5. Ron Gant-He has good insight, but he doesn't say very much. I haven't really heard enough from him to make a formed opinion yet. 6. Don Sutton-He's accurate most of the time, but his color commentating is so repetitive. He rambles on and on about a topic and loses concentration of the game. He isn't a very good play-by-play announcer, and when I listen to him on the radio I can't always figure out what just happened on the last play. If you add in the FSN guys, Bob Rathbun and Tom Paciorek, Rathbun is probably in the middle of that list and Paciorek is easily at the bottom. Rathbun is okay, but Paciorek has weird reactions to every play and is generally very annoying.

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