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First-place Braves 1.5 games up on last-place Phillies

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Has anyone ever seen five teams at the top of a division packed so closely together? The Braves occupy first-place by a half-game over the Nationals, who are another half-game ahead of the Marlins and Mets, who are only another half-game ahead of the last place Phillies. Here's a clearer picture:
Atlanta Braves30-25.545--
Washington Nationals    30-26    .536    0.5    
Florida Marlins28-25.5281.0
New York Mets29-26.5271.0
Philadelphia Phillies29-27.5181.5
Don't look now, but if the Braves and Nationals both lose and the Marlins, Mets, and Phillies all win tomorrow, then the entire division will be packed within a 0.5-game margin after approximately 56 games. That is what I call close!

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