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Marlins 8, Braves 0

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Just my luck. I found out earlier this week that the game I get to go to has a pitching matchup of Dontrelle Willis (who's now 12-2 with a 1.76 ERA) against Jorge Sosa, who was only making his 3rd start of the season. Sosa pitched reasonably well, going 6 innings and giving up 3 runs on 4 hits, 2 walks, and 2 strikeouts. He was victimized by Miguel Cabrera, who hit a fly ball that made it into the left-center field bleachers in the first inning for a solo homer, and a 2 run homer again by Cabrera in the top of the 6th. The bullpen then came on in the 7th, and it looked like Bobby conceded the game when Bernero came in. At least it looks like Bernero will only be used as a mop-up man now. Bernero proceeded to load the bases with no one out, was bailed out by Jordan who robbed a potential bases-clearing double, but then let all the runners score anyway on more base hits. Bernero's ERA: 6.25. I bet when Roman Colon gets promoted on Saturday to start, it won't be KolBB or Bernero that is sent down or released. (More on Colon later) Vasquez eventually came in and pitched 1.1 scoreless innings. KolBB came on to pitch the 9th and gave up a run, and I think I had the most fun I had the whole game when I got to boo KolBB. The Braves only came close to scoring twice. In Andruw's second AB, he hit a fly ball to right field that looked like it might go out, but Juan Encarnacion caught it at the wall. In the 9th, the Braves got 2 runners on with 0 out, but couldn't score. Willis pitched a complete-game-shutout, a 5 hitter. Instead of Seth Greisinger being called up to pitch Saturday, it will be Roman Colon. Colon has started a few games at AA, and evidently was good albeit in short outings. Colon hasn't been a regular starting pitcher in the minors since 2003. I don't know who will be sent down. Bernero was an NRI, and is presumably making the league minimum. I'm not sure if he can be sent down without going through waivers; but then what team would actually claim him? KolBB is making nearly 4 million so it won't be him leaving. It looks to be probably Jorge Vasquez that will go down. I've noticed Andy Marte hasn't played so much lately, perhaps he'd be a good option; but then the Braves would only have a 4 man bench so I doubt it.

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