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With an off-day Monday, Jorge Sosa will start on Saturday and Kyle Davies will start on Sunday. Each will be pitching on 3 days rest. Neither of them threw many pitches in their last start, so I'm sure that's behind the thought process. I don't think pitching on 3 days rest is that big of a deal. Seemingly all of the Braves starters that have gone on 3 days rest the past few years in the regular season have done great. In the postseason it hasn't worked that well, but no one was really hammered on 3 days rest (with the exception of Tom Glavine who was pitching badly anyway at that time)-the Braves just couldn't hit or the bullpen got nailed. At least we have a good chance to win once every 5 days. John Smoltz is pitching fantastic. It seems that he can get people out however he wants; whether that is striking people out, or getting groundballs a la Tim Hudson and Mike Hampton. The offense and bullpen are looking better lately.

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