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Starting Lineup for 6/14

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LF Johns0n 2B Giles DH Franco 1B LaRoche CF A. Jones C Estrada 3B Marte RF Langerhans SS Betemit (P Sosa) I guess Bobby wanted to get Kelly Johnson even more AB's by batting him leadoff. OMGoodness, I started laughing when I saw him leading off in the boxscore with that .059 number beside his name...I guess it's desperation now for him to start hitting, because if he gets to 50 AB's with only 2 or 3 hits, he might be going back to Richmond. Yes, I did clamor for him to be called up as he was on fire at Triple A, but I didn't imagine that he would actually be worse than Jordan and Mondesi. At least he has upside though unlike them, and if it comes to him going back down, I wouldn't mind seeing him come back if he gets straightened out. It's possible he might be the dreaded AAAA player though. I don't know who the Braves would call up to replace him though-Bill McCarthy has gone into a slump, and there isn't really another outfielder on the Richmond roster that is considerable. Mississippi's Jeff Francoeur isn't ready, and his OBP quite frankly sucks. It seems like Brian Jordan is getting less and less playing time lately. He's fallen out of the qualified regulars list (getting 3.1 AB's a game). Good. The OPS continues to get closer to .550. Time to call it a career, Brian. Oh, he was on ESPNNews the other day, and said that he's just off to a slow start, and will hit better in the 2nd half. He has to-he can't possibly get any worse-or can he? What a joke. I guess Julio Franco has good numbers against Rangers pitcher Pedro Astacio-I don't know any other reason he's starting against a righthander, DH'ing, and batting 3rd. Free Wilson Betemit and Ryan Langerhans! They're playing, but despite being the Braves hottest hitters for like a month now, they're hitting 8th and 9th. Pedro Astacio pitches for Texas. He is 2-7 with a 5.60 ERA. I didn't know he was still in the league. In-game comments welcome.

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