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Starting Lineup for 6/17

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SS Furcal LF Johnson 2B Giles 1B LaRoche CF A. Jones C Estrada RF Langerhans 3B Betemit P Ramirez Clearly, Rafael Furcal doesn't have what it takes to bat leadoff this year. It's about time to move him to the bottom of the lineup. Just because he hit a leadoff homer yesterday doesn't mean he has turned it around...he went 1-5. Giles is our real leadoff hitter. Even Johnson is a better option because he walks a lot if Giles is needed to bat 3rd. Ramon Ortiz is the pitcher for the Reds. He is 2-4 with a 6.10 ERA, and will be battling with Horacio Ramirez to see who can give up more home runs. Both are among the league leaders in that category. In-game comments welcome.

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