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Starting Lineup for 6/22

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SS Furcal LF Johnson 2B Giles CF A. Jones C Estrada 1B LaRoche RF Jordan 3B Betemit P Ramirez Not a bad-looking lineup for the most part. Jordan in for the slumping Langerhans. Estrada put 5th in front of the slumping LaRoche, who now has Brian Jordan as his "protection" instead of Andruw. Betemit batting 8th, Furcal leading off. I don't get it. Betemit should probably be batting 2nd with Johnson or Giles leading off. Furcal probably should be playing, but not leading off. Brian Moehler, after spending last year at Double A for us, went over to the Marlins and has put up a 2.70 ERA, but doesn't get run support as his 2-4 record suggests. In-game comments welcome.

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