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Starting Lineup for 6/6

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SS Furcal 2B Giles LF Johnson C Estrada 1B LaRoche CF A. Jones RF Langerhans 3B Betemit P Smoltz I'm not going to speculate about Andy Marte not being in the lineup; it's possible he just hasn't arrived with the team yet or something. However, if he spends the majority of the time Chipper's on the DL in the big leagues just to sit on the bench, it will be downright insane. And if Wilson Betemit's going to play, it needs to be higher than 8th. He's been the Braves' hottest hitter for a long time now. John Lackey pitches for the Angels. He's 5-2 with a 4.01 ERA. In-game comments welcome. I don't know how the weather is in Atlanta, but I wouldn't be surprised if there's a rain delay.

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