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Timetables on injuries

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This article on the official site discusses the timetable of the injured Braves and when they should return. Tim Hudson, assuming his oblique muscle heals as expected, should be back by the end of June. John Thomson should be back by the end of July. Thomson did some light tossing in the outfield during the Reds series, and reported no pain. However, he has yet to throw off of a mound. Chipper Jones is also projected to return in late July. I don't really expect Chipper to be at 100% again this season, but he could still be productive assuming he doesn't reinjure his foot. If that were to happen, he'd be looking at surgery and done for this season. Chipper's injury hasn't been as big of a problem as you would have expected, because of Wilson Betemit and Andy Marte's excellent play at 3rd base. Mike Hampton doesn't know why the pain in his forearm isn't going away. Who knows when he'll be back. He could be back before the end of June, or he could be like Horacio Ramirez was last year and not make another start this year.

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