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The AJC reports that the Braves are considering a DL stint for Tim Hudson, who has been ailing with a muscle strain in his back. The muscle strain is in the same area that he has had muscle strain problems for the past 3 years with Oakland. And this explains his bad last 2 outings. Also, the article mentions that Mike Hampton's injury has shown no signs of healing. Before long, the prospects will start to get hurt and the Braves will have to call up the Gulf Coast League players... Injured Braves Players: Tim Hudson (day-to-day, muscle strain in back) Mike Hampton (15 day DL, forearm tightness) John Thomson (15 day DL, partially torn tendon in finger) Chipper Jones (15 day DL, torn ligament in foot) Rafael Furcal (day-to-day, shoulder) Eddie Perez (15 day DL, tendonitis in shoulder)

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