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The other day, I was wondering how some players compared to the replacement level. I found VORP (value over replacement player) ratings at Baseball Prospectus. The number 0 here represents playing at replacement level. Positive numbers are better, negative numbers are worse. First, the hitters: (including Mike Hampton, Horacio Ramirez, and John Thomson who are above replacement level...) Chipper Jones 21.4 Andruw Jones 13.3 Marcus Giles 12.0 Johnny Estrada 8.6 Wilson Betemit 6.6 Adam LaRoche 4.2 Mike Hampton 4.1 Rafael Furcal 3.3 John Thomson 1.5 Pete Orr 1.3 Eddie Perez 0.6 Bryan Pena 0.3 Ryan Langerhans 0.1 Julio Franco -1.5 Kelly Johnson -2.3 Brian Jordan -3.9 Raul Mondesi -4.3 Later, I'll post the VORP for pitchers.

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