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What would your Braves lineup be?

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With the Braves injuries and offensive struggles, Bobby Cox has to patch together a lineup for each game. Maybe we could give him some suggestions and save him some time! Here are my lineups for the present time: Vs. Left-handers SS Furcal 2B Giles CF A. Jones 3B Marte 1B Franco RF Jordan C Pena (switch-hitter, starts against left-handers) LF Langerhans (batting 8th because of being left-handed) Vs. Right-handers 2B Giles SS Betemit (In for Furcal b/c of Betemit's hot bat & Furcal's shoulder hurting batting right-handed) 1B LaRoche CF A. Jones LF Langerhans 3B Marte C McCann (left-handed hitter, starts against right-handers) RF Jordan Notice that I didn't put Jordan or Johnson batting 3rd in the lineup. Johnson's in a slump (and probably isn't ready for the major leagues, but at least he got a shot and I'm glad he got that opportunity instead of Mondesi who has no upside-Johnson does) and Jordan just can't hit. There appears to be a fallacy about putting someone with speed batting 3rd. If they can't hit, the speed doesn't really matter. What's your lineup?

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