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Atlanta is sending Nick Green to the Devil Rays for right-hander Jorge Sosa. Sosa only started pitching in 2001, and while he has a live arm (striking out 94 in 99 innings), he also walked 54. He has starting experience. I guess they figure that Leo can fix him. With Green traded, it apparently means that both Wilson Betemit and Pete Orr will make the team as utility infielders. Now, the Braves only have 2 experienced players off the bench in Julio Franco and Eddie Perez. I guess they figure that Langerhans and Betemit could be decent pinch-hitters, and that Pete Orr could be the next Joe McEwing. Now, the Braves have another similiar pitcher to Sosa in Adam Bernero who is borderline about making the team. Buddy Hernandez appears to have made the team after the release of Gabe White. Bobby figures he'll be the next Greg McMichael, a right-handed reliever who is effective against left-handers because of an outstanding change-up. With Bernero struggling lately, I guess the Braves got Sosa to replace him in the bullpen, but that's only my guess.

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