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Braves lead Marlins by half a game in Standings

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After the Braves loss and the Marlins win today, the Braves hold a 1/2 game lead for first place in the NL East at 21-13. The Marlins are 19-12. It's only May 11, but it's nice to be on top of the division at any point of the season. The Nationals are 3rd place at 18-16 and 3 games back, the Mets at 4th place with a 18-17 record and 3.5 games back, and the Phillies last at 15-20 and 6.5 games back. The standings for all divisions can be seen here . Meanwhile, in the Power Alleys: -ESPN ranks the Braves 2nd -CNN-SI ranks the Braves 2nd -Fox Sports ranks the Braves 3rd -CBS Sportsline ranks the Braves 5th. Update: I decided to make my own Power Alley. This is based on overall record, who's hot, and who's not. I tried to make this as unbiased as possible. 1. White Sox 2. Orioles 3. Red Sox 4. Braves 5. Dodgers 6. Cardinals 7. Marlins 8. Twins 9. Diamondbacks 10. Padres 11. Angels 12. Blue Jays 13. Brewers 14. Rangers 15. Nationals 16. Mets 17. Tigers 18. Giants 19. Pirates 20. Yankees 21. Cubs 22. Indians 23. Phillies 24. Devil Rays 25. A's 26. Astros 27. Reds 28. Mariners 29. Rockies 30. Royals

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