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Bullpen fatigue

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Last year, Chris Reitsma posted an ERA above 4. Everyone pointed to overuse as the reason. Reitsma has blown 2 of the last 3 ballgames he's pitched in, and yes, it can probably be attributed to overuse. He has pitched in 5 of the last 6 games, and has a team leading 20 appearances. He is on pace to pitch in more games than he did last year. I thought Bobby said he wouldn't use him as much? (He said the same thing with John Smoltz in 2004 after his elbow problems in late 2003--that he would try not to use him on consecutive days, but eventually he did--but that obviously didn't turn out to be a problem, and I'm glad this did happen because now Smoltz is starting.) The bullpen has been used a lot on this trip, even more so than expected because of early exits by Hampton and Thomson after injuries. Nobody can be faulted for this. Bernero, Sosa, Foster, and Reitsma all appear fatigued. Meanwhile, Frank Brooks just now got into his first game tonight after the lead had been given up (although I wouldn't have brought him into the game for the first time with the bases loaded and nobody out in a tie game, but I would have used him in an earlier game). Inexplicably, Roman Colon has been used twice in the month of May as he basically wastes a roster spot. These guys need to be used more often to give the others a break--and also to see if they can be trusted. Colon has been extremely ineffective when he's been used, but that's because of rustiness probably. He's been effective in the past when used enough. We have a 12 man pitching staff to avoid overuse, don't we? Yet it's being treated like a 10 man staff plus having a short bench. By the way, Rafael Furcal is utterly clueless at the plate right now. I think he has to be given a day or 2 off, or at least taken out of the leadoff spot to get pressure off of him until he gets fixed.

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