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Good signs, I thinkā€¦

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The Braves are 3rd in the National League in runs scored, despite practically having a lower batting average, OBP, and OPS among the other top hitting teams. They are also 2nd in ERA behind only the Marlins. This long road trip against tough teams(like LA, San Diego, and Boston) would probably have made for a rough record for most teams--especially considering the injuries. The Braves have played only 20 home games, which is among the lowest number of home games in the majors. With more home games than road games coming up (and a 15-5 record at home), and being 2nd in ERA and 3rd in runs scored, the Braves should win their fair share of games. Chipper, Hampton, and Gryboski coming back from injuries will help. An interesting tidbit: The Marlins have played 3 less games than the Braves (scoring 17 runs less--the Marlins would need 6 runs a game for 3 games to catch up), but have played 6 more home games than the Braves.

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