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How are these guys 5th in runs scored?

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The Braves have the 2nd lowest batting average and on-base percentage, are 11th in slugging percentage, and are 3rd to last in OPS. They do have the 2nd most doubles in the league with 106. They're in a 5-way tie for 6th in homers so they're middle of the pack in that. The hits they get must be bunched together. I don't know any other explanation. What do you guys think? -Very accurate quotes by Bobby about the controversial home run reversal today: "They overruled a right," said manager Bobby Cox of a controversial umpiring decision that deprived Brian Jordan of a tying homer in the seventh inning Monday. "I don't know why. "I don't see how they could overrule it," Cox said. Indeed, how do they overrule a call that none of the umpires could see? What evidence was there? If they had missed it to begin with, at least it would have been an understandable missed call.

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