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Looking at the bright side

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The Braves lost a tough one Friday night (Saturday morning Eastern Time). But we're still in first, as the Marlins lost by one run to the Padres. Remember last year, with all of the early season losing? The only thing we could say was "Well, the Phillies/Mets/Marlins lost too, so we're only 4.5 games back." We were saying this until late June when the team finally meshed...watching this team has taught me not to take single losses in an 162 game season very seriously, no matter how tough the loss, and to look at it through the long haul. Take positives from the game. John Foster is proving that he could be a valuable reliever as the season wears on. I can't put my finger on what it is, but he reminds me of Mike Remlinger. I think Jorge Sosa, being the hard thrower he is, could also eventually have one of the more important roles in the pen.

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