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Bobby Cox is patient with veteran players that have produced in the past and will continue to play them as long as they hustle for him and play intelligently. That is, until they make bonehead mistakes that he can't stand such as the following Saturday night: 1. I'm not sure Julio was the only one who forgot how many outs there were Saturday night. Earlier in the same game, Mondesi caught a fly ball, then was getting ready to heave the ball back to the infield to prevent a sacrifice fly. However, this was the 3rd out of the inning, and Mondesi almost pulled a Claudell Washington (Washington heaved missile to the plate in a game in the 1980's when there were 3 outs, and it's been on blooper films). This was a minor mistake with no repercussions, unlike the other two, and at least this would have been a hustling mistake. 2. After reaching base on an error, Mondesi was picked off by Andy Pettitte. Now, Andy Pettitte has a reputation for having an excellent pickoff move, but this was probably negated by the fact that Bobby had picked it up as soon as Pettitte began his motion and was heard on the TBS microphone screaming to Mondesi to get back twice before the throw reached the first baseman. 3. Mondesi had an RBI "single" in the 7th inning--rather, it was a popup that because the infield was playing in and because Mike Lamb was in left field, Adam Everett ended up looking like a little leaguer as he ran to short left field and made a failing diving attempt to catch the ball. Anyways, Mondesi was loafing down the line while it was in the air, and should have ended up on 2nd base instead of 1st. Skip Caray even mentioned it on the air after the fact, saying "Why Mondesi isn't on 2nd base after that play, I don't know." The next game, Ryan Langerhans was in the lineup in right field, and proceeded to go 3-5 with 2 homers and 6 RBI with a statement that the 25 year old should be getting more playing time. Bobby has been giving Langerhans more playing time lately, and we might be seeing Langerhans in right field more and more as the season moves along.

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