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John Smoltz should be able to make his next start, according to this article. He suffered a strained muscle in his back that affected him in his last start on Saturday. The article states that either Adam Bernero or Jorge Sosa would likely start if Smoltz can't. Bobby Cox has him scheduled to start Wednesday afternoon , saying: "I've got him penciled in [to start],You hate to go a pitcher short in Colorado. That's when you always need your 12 or 13 [pitchers]." 13 pitchers? He must be counting LaRoche...hey, there's another reason we don't need 12 pitchers on the roster!...While I'm on the roster composition topic, Bobby used left-handed Pete Orr to pinch-bunt against the left-hander Andy Pettitte. It worked out fine (Orr almost reached on a bunt single and was credited with the sacrifice), but I think a starting pitcher should have been used to pinch-bunt here. If there had been another right-handed hitter on the bench, pinch-bunting may not have even been an issue. I know Bobby doesn't like to use Eddie Perez to pinch-hit, because he's the backup catcher (and also probably because he doesn't hit well anymore), but Wilson Betemit was apparently available too--though it's possible that Betemit was under the weather today or something. Still, the Braves need another right-handed hitter on the bench. Mike Hampton will face Ezequiel Astacio as the Braves go for the 4 game sweep tomorrow against the Astros. Once again, either Paul or myself should have the series recap for you.

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