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The pitcher informerly known as the Braves’ closer

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I coined a new name for pitcher Dan Kolb for use in alt.sports.baseball.atlanta-braves: Damn KolBB. Appropriate? Neighborhood-friendly? A bit too pessimistic of me? Eh, I was just going for laughs, and it turned out to be clever too. It was never my intention to be clever! Of course, if you look at tonight's save (man, that was the shortest demotion I've ever seen) and you ignore the home run, triple, and walk, he got them 1-2-3 with three strikeouts! But trying to ignore the home run, triple, and walk is like trying to ignore Andruw Jones' 0-for-28 slump. Speaking of ignoring the slump, Andruw is hitting .341 (.400 OBP + .689 SLG = 1.089 OPS) in all his plate-appearances that were not part of that slump. How great is that? Want better? Look at how good the Braves are doing if you ignore all the at-bats they didn't get on-base! ... Hmm. Yes, I see where that might not be practical.

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