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Chipper restructures contract

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AJC The Braves third baseman has agreed to a contract restructuring that would reduce his salary from $17 million to $11 million in 2006 and could save the Braves about $15 million over the next three seasons. The deal, which can't be finalized until Jones passes a physical exam for insurance purposes, would presumably enable the club to free up salary so it could address other needs this winter, including its attempt to re-sign free agent shortstop Rafael Furcal and possibly pursue a top closer. Great news. The Braves are speculated to be in talks with Trevor Hoffman. Now, for the bad news: Turner Broadcasting and MLB agreed on a seven-year contract that will reduce the number of Braves games televised nationally on TBS to 45 per season starting in 2008, Turner Sports president David Levy said. Only 45 games?!?
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