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The Braves are concerned about John Smoltz not being able to come back on regular rest for a Game 5. They are also thinking about going with a 4 man rotation to accomodate him. They could push Smoltz back to Game 3 so that they could go with a 3 man rotation if they wanted for the first round. Hudson and Sosa could pitch Games 1 and 2, then come back for Games 4 and 5 if needed. If they want Sosa to be available to pitch on the road, then they could start him in Game 1 and bring him back for Game 4. Hudson could pitch Game 2 and Smoltz could pitch Game 3. Hudson should be able to come back and pitch a possible Game 5 at home. This is just an idea. If Smoltz is fine, then you can throw all this out the window.

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