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Game of Inches

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The close plays don't always go your way, but when it comes to games like this one, we baseball fans have at least one thing in common: we live for this! Giles and Franco were both called for pulling their feet off their respective bags in the 8th, setting up Berkman's grand slam that made it a 6-5 game. Ausmus's game-tying solo homer with two outs in the bottom of the 9th just barely hit the top of the yellow line on the wall in center. Scott's shot at the left field fair pole missed by less than the baseball's diameter, and probably by less than an inch. But here's one close call the reporters aren't reporting yet, and I'm hoping people can confirm it tonight when they watch the replays. When they show Berkman's opposite-field grand slam in the 8th and Burke's series-winning home run in the 18th, take a good look at who catches each ball. Because, if my eyes are not deceiving me, the same fan caught both home runs! A game of inches? You better believe it.

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